Beef and Blackberry Snacks – 395 gr

Complementary food for dogs. Hamiform snacks are made from traditional recipes.

Reference : EM11
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They are made by combining safe and innovative ingredients for your dog. The packaging ensures optimal storage to keep them delicious for your gourmet throughout its storage. The 4 original recipes will allow you to vary its pleasures.

Additional information

Weight 0.395 kg
Dimensions 9.9 × 9.9 × 15 cm
Product composition Cereals, meat and by-products animal (which beef 4%), Sugar (glucose 5,9%), oils and fats, mineral substances / Cereals, meat and by-products animal, Sugar (glucose 5,7%), oils and fats, fruits (cassis 4%), mineral substances
Precautions for use This food must be kept in its original packaging, stored in a dry place and protected from humidity. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of children.
Conditionne en box
Additives Dyes
Average analysis Crude protein : 12,4%/12,7%. Fat crude : 6,0%/6,0%. Crude ash : 4,9%/4,5%. Crude fibre : 1,7%/1,1%
Capacity 395 gr