Its origins: Domesticated by humans around 7500 to 7000 BC, Cats have created fascination, veneration or fear in certain cultures.
Life expectancy: 2 to 16 years
Its weight: 3.6 to 4.5kg
Its size: 23 to 25 cm
He loves: The cat likes to be peaceful, it’s a lonely animal.
He hates: His highly developed sense of smell makes him uncomfortable with certain perfumes.
Its habitat to be good: He fits very easily into a new home. To optimize his comfort, it is recommended to always feed him with a clean bowl, litter regularly cleaned and a cat tree so that he can practice and use his claws.
Its ideal diet: Carnivorous strict, the cat eats at a fixed time and in regular quantity. Its traditional diet will be supplemented with a moist diet to ensure its hydration. Our range “Cooked” for cat allows by its original recipes and its freshness to guarantee your cat a meal at the same time greedy, balanced and moisturising. Some treats will also punctuate his diet. “