Octogon degus

characteristics: Octogon degus (octodon) is a small mammal belonging to the family Octodontidae and as its name indicates is from Chile, it is a very docile and very friendly animal that will be a great companion for the whole family.
The octagon degus (octodon) is a diurnal animal that has a life expectancy of 7 to 9 years. It reaches sexual maturity around 5 months and can reproduce throughout the year.
The duration of gestation is 90 days. The litters are of the order of four to six young on average. It is recommended to wean the pups around six weeks.
The degus is an animal which hardly supports the absence of a congener. You can mix gender (two males, two females, or mixed). It is advisable to bring regularly the degus bath dust, because, like the chinchilla, it is an animal which needs to degrease the hair.

Gestation duration: 90 days
Number of pups per litter: 1 to 6
Weaning: 6 weeks
Average life: 7 to 9 years

Food: With his breeder experience, Hamiform has developed a specific food for Octodon. A granules shape (good for his teeth). This complete meal is made with cereals and alfalfa. «