Angora Rabbit - Ram Rabbit

Characteristics: A small lagomorphic mammal, the dwarf rabbit is naturally docile and tender, easy to tame and knows how to be cuddly if you give him the affection and care he expects.
He is an excellent companion to whom you must pay a lot of attention.

Mating: 21-22 weeks for females, 22 weeks for males
Gestation length: 28 days
Number of pups per litter: 3 to 4
Weaning: 5 weeks
Birth weight: 10-20 g (animals are born without hair)
Weight in adulthood (varies by race):
Lion’s head: 1.3 to 1.7 kg
Angora: 1 to 1.7 kg;
Aries: 1 to 2 kg
Average life: 8 years
Average food consumption: 50 g per day (5 tablespoons of Hamiform)

Health: Myxomatosis with rabbits
This disease is caused by a virus, transmitted by stinging insects (fleas, mosquitoes), by contact between rabbits … The rabbit is as sensitive as the domestic rabbit.
Symptoms: In typical acute form: hyperthermia, conjunctivitis, edema of the face and perineum, extremity of the limbs, purplish pink nodules on the head. There are mild forms in the angora rabbit.
Vaccination: The primary vaccination is carried out from the age of 4 weeks. A reminder should be done every 4 to 6 months. It is recommended to vaccinate rabbits outside in spring (May-June) before mosquitoes arrive.

Health: Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (HDV)
This viral disease, highly contagious causes hecatombs in farms.
Symptoms: This is most often a sudden death without any symptoms have time to appear.
Vaccination: The primary vaccination is carried out from the age of 4 weeks. A reminder must be done every 6 months

Food: For feeding, do not give your rabbit everything it likes because it has no idea what’s good or bad for it. The first ten weeks of his life are a real obstacle course. The transition from a milky food (breast milk) to a solid food weakens that you should pay attention to its nutrition to avoid some causes of stress.
To produce a quality food, Hamiform selects its components for the most part on its land.
Mainly composed of alfalfa and dehydrated herbs, the Hamiform Special Rabbit Toy full meal brings its scent and nutritional value to your little companion. Alfalfa is cut several times, from spring to fall, and is dehydrated to maintain all its benefits and nutritional values. Cereals (wheat, barley, oats) are harvested in July and stored after cleaning.
A mineral and vitamin supplement finally completes the formulation.
Hamiform Complete Meal contains the energy, proteins, fatty acids, fiber, minerals and vitamins that your rabbit needs for its double digestion of a difficult name: CAECOTROPHY.
Full meal rabbit toy and young rabbits with extracts of Yucca and carob.
In order to get started with your little friend, Hamiform has developed a food specially adapted for young rabbits.
The properties of Yucca (aid in the prevention of colics, natural regeneration of the intestinal flora) are essential to accompany rabbits and toy rabbits in their growth. Yucca optimizes intestinal Ph level. The carob is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D and minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium).
This food is particularly recommended in the first phase of growth of your pet but may be given regularly in alternation with the complete meal dwarf rabbit. For the beauty of the fur, the rabbit needs trace elements, which are usually brought in the form of salts. Today, more digestive forms exist: chelates. The selected elements (zinc, manganese, iron …) are associated with amino acids, effective for the maintenance of the fur of our little companions.
Although small, your rabbit requires timely and measured contributions of fatty acids to restore vitality. Omega 3 that can not be made by his body respond to these tiring moments by revitalizing the growth and renewal of these cells.