Chinchilla is a rodent of the family Chinchillidae. Closely related to the guinea pig, he comes from the Andean Cordillera. It will amaze you with its very dense and soft fur. Average life: 12 years Average food consumption: 40 to 50 grams of Hamiform food per day Water consumption: 10 to 20 mL daily Food: Chinchilla is considered as an herbivore. Its cellulose needs are important and essential for its good digestion. The nature of this cellulose is very important. This is why Hamiform, by its presentation, a suitable formulation (more than 35% of grass and dehydrated alfalfa) and a suitable manufacturing technology allows to preserve the length of the fibers. This meal is completed with all the necessary elements for his organization! Energy, minerals, amino acids, vitamins are serious guarantees of quality. Important: His beautiful fur requires maintenance. The provision of scented bath soil in which it will roll will clean its fur which regrease naturally.

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