Anti-stress – ORGANIC food supplement for all rodents

Anti-stress complex to keep your rodent in perfect shape thanks to the virtues of plants. Food supplement with certified organic ingredients.

Reference : S304
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  • BIO* Produit certifié par FR-BIO-01. Cahier des charges aliments pour animaux de compagnie - homologué le 16/02/2004.


Anti-stress complex composed of selected plants with soothing and relaxing properties. It will reduce all the stress effects such as nervousness, insomnia, excitement and even some digestive consequences.

Additional information

Weight 0.163 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 15 cm
Product composition Aubepine BIO*, Eschscholtzia BIO*, Valeriane BIO*, Passiflore BIO*, chamomile BIO*, Melisse BIO*, Glycérine BIO*; Water, Vinaigre BIO* (*Products certified by FR-BIO-01. Specification pet feeds approved on 16 february 2004-homologué le 16/02/2004.)
Precautions for use This complex is used as a 2 to 3 week cure, ideally to be repeated 3 to 4 times a year. Store in a cool place (<25°C) and away from light. To be used within 2 months after opening.
Conditionne en pot
Capacity 120 mL
Using the pipette, put 5 ml of the complex in 100 ml of fresh water. Change the water daily. Shake before use.
Chinchilla,Guinea pig,Guinea pig long hair,Rosette,Octogon degus,Hamster,Gerbil,Dwarf hamster,Rabbit long hair,Angora rabbit,Ram rabbit,Dwarf rabbit,Rabbit Toy,Young rabbit,Baby rabbits,Rat,Mouse,Squirrel