Guinea pig Angora - Rosette

Characteristics: A small rodent mammal, the guinea pig, is naturally timid but familiar. Very present, he makes small cries when he needs attention. It is a very intelligent pet who will, by his active presence, thank you for the affection you will show him. Mating: from 10-12 weeks for females and 12-14 weeks for males. Gestation length: 58 to 72 days (68 on average) Number of pups per litter: 3 – 4 Weaning: 15 days Birth weight: 60 – 100g Weight in adulthood: 900 gr (varies by breed) Average life: 6 years Average food consumption: 40 to 50 g per day (5 tablespoons of Hamiform) Water consumption: 100 to 200 mL / kg of weight Hamiform guarantees in its formulation a contribution of 4g / kilo of Vitamin C. This concentration brings exactly the need of your guinea pig and any vitamin supplement by another way (drop in water) is not necessary (subject to a daily consumption of Hamiform food). Food: Hamiform full meal is especially recommended for guinea pigs. His original and adapted presentation avoids a selective sorting of the components he prefers, often a source of food imbalance. Hamiform, by its formulation, ensures by itself the complex needs of the guinea pig (vitamins C, A, D and E, the essential amino acids, arginine, cystine, methionine, tryptophan). It is tested daily at the Le Closeau Breeding Center and approved by our little companions. Important: To properly choose the food of your guinea pig, you must first understand that to live, the guinea pig needs daily intake of Vitamin C because it does not synthesize it. In addition, it is essential to bring him this vitamin C in sufficient quantity because otherwise your little companion can quickly become deficient with the consequences that this implies (paralysis of the rear train, loss of fur …). That’s why It’s important to make sure you know the right amount of Hamiform feed of your pet. «