Characteristics: Carnivorous Mammal of the Mustelidae Family, the ferret is a domestic animal that has been living with humans for several hundred years. The name ferret comes from the Latin fur meaning” “thief” which describes his character well. At both clown and balancing, the ferret is a happy companion.
It’s a very curious animal, who out of his cage, will play hide and seek with you and will sit behind a pile of books for a long nap.
Warning: Do not disturb during sleep!

Mating: 6 to 12 months
Gestation length: 40 to 42 days
Number of pups per litter: 2 to 8
Weaning: 34 days
Weight in adulthood: 0.6 to 0.9 kg for females, 1 to 1.5 kg for males
Average life: 10 years
Average food consumption: 150 grams of Hamiform food per day
Water consumption: 75 to 100 mL daily

Feeding: The ferret is a carnivorous animal whose protein needs are very important.
We must therefore be very careful about the choice of food.
Hamiform full meal Optima Ferret meets all the nutritional needs of this little companion. As a strict carnivore, the ferret has a very short bowel that does not allow it to transform vegetable proteins.
The Hamiform food (with more than 20% fat and more than 65% animal protein) is an exceptional food adapted to our little ferret.
Finally, to be fully fulfilled, the ferret needs a clean, comfortable and varied space to enjoy. “