Characteristics: The gerbil is a small mammal rodent, very easy to tame. Naturally gentle, he dislikes being disturbed during his sleep or meals. Known to be as a real acrobat. If you bring the Gerbil tender attentions, she will quickly become your accomplice and will adopt you.

Mating: 8 to 10 weeks
Gestation length: 21 to 26 days
Number of pups per litter: 2 to 5
Weaning: 21 days
Birth weight: 3 g (animals are born blind and hairless)
Weight in adulthood: 55 – 100 g
Average life: 3 to 4 years
Average food consumption: 4 to 5 Hamiform granules per day
Water consumption: 4 to 7 mL per 100gr of weight / day

Food: The welfare of this small rodent is mainly based on its comfort and balanced diet. A complete diet is necessary to cover all its needs. To develop this quality food, Hamiform selects its components for the most part on its lands. Hamiform is 100% natural and is enriched with minerals and vitamins necessary for its growth and good development.
Your gerbil well fed will be calmer and balanced and you can only improve your complicity.

Important: But this is not enough because the gerbil has a huge defect : he always sorts the ingredients he prefers, when you give him the choice. Hamiform complete meal takes into account this criterion and, by its adapted presentation (granulated) which avoids to the animal to make a sort in its food (usually source of digestive disorders like diarrhea … ).

Remember: It’s very important to let him manage his environment with a suitable bedding. “