Characteristics: The Korean squirrel is a very lively animal.In the wild, the Korean squirrel lives in the woods. He has a beautiful gray back, dark brown stripes, and small pointed ears. He is very agile and loves to climb branches.
It is a diurnal animal: it lives mainly during the day and loves to play and be cuddled.
Be careful, in winter if the surrounding temperature is too low, the squirrel will return to hibernation …

Gestation duration: 32 days
Number of pups per litter: 2 to 5
Weaning: 50 days
Weight at birth: 10 g
Weight in adulthood: 120 to 150 g
Average life: 7 to 9 years
Average food consumption: 3 to 4 Hamiform granules a day

Food: Although he is small, this animal requires punctual and measured fatty acid contributions.
With its original presentation and its specific formula, Hamiform is a complete and balanced meal. He brings all the necessary elements to his body. “