Its origins: The dog is the first animal species to have been domesticated by humans.
Life expectancy: 10 to 13 years
Its weight: 8 to 15kg for a small brred, 15 to 25kg for a dog of medium breed, 25 to 40kg for a large breed.
Size: 15 to 110 cm (depending on the breed)
He loves: The dog likes to play, caress and practice outdoors.
He hates: Let him stop barking.
Its habitat to be good: The dog feels good inside your home. However, he will also appreciate outdoor outings and games.
Its ideal diet: The dog is a carnivore with an omnivorous tendency. Half of his diet should be meat.
Our expert advice: The dog is an ideal companion for the whole family. Be sure to ensure a balanced and appropriate diet. Work its education with treats as rewards to ensure him a good health. “