Rat and Mouse

Characteristics: Of all the rodents, the rat is probably the most intelligent, and will surprise you with its agility. Very affectionate, he is also very docile and adores being with humans.

Mating: 60 to 80 days
Gestation length: 21-22 days
Number of pups per litter: 4 to 8
Weaning: 21 days
Birth weight: 3 to 6 g (animals are born blind and hairless)
Adult weight: 450 to 500 g for males, 250 to 300 g for females
Average life: 4 years
Average food consumption: 3 to 4 Hamiform pellets a day
Water consumption: 10 to 12 mL per 100gr of weight / day

Food: As a omnivorous rodent, the welfare of the rat is based on its balanced diet.
A complete diet is necessary and Hamiform complete meal takes is aware about this. With its original presentation and adapted (granulated), the complete meal brings to your rat a high-end nutrition, containing fibers and minerals necessary for its balance.