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The Hamiform premium food mixture will be distributed daily in a clean feeder (1 to 2 tablespoons per day and per bird).

Seed mix for exotic birds – Premium Food – 2,5 kg

A premium meal developed by Hamiform. Made in France, this healthy and balanced diet for exotics birds is composed of a premium mix of gourmet and varied seeds. Pure pleasure for your birds !

Reference : C0943
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Red panis, yellow panis, canary grass, white millet, red millet,…a varied mix of seeds adapted to the nutritional needs of exotic birds !

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Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 19,5 × 11 × 30 cm
Product composition Red panis, yellow panis, canary seed, white millet, red millet, clover, niger, extruded*
*extruded composition: corn, corn starch, beetroot, turmeric
Precautions for use Your animal must not lack water, regularly renewed. Store in a dry place and in its original packaging. To be used preferably before the date of minimum durability appearing on the bottom of the packaging. The expiry date acts as the batch number.
Conditioned in Bag
Capacity 2,5 kg
Exotic birds